The Western Lines

August 2, 2007

Spaceship of the mind

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Above is a graphic of the most awesome science fiction spaceship I have ever seen, a Cerberus Class Frigate, drawn by the remarkable artist Adam Burch. Click on it and see it in all its glory, the level of realism is amazing.

Not only does it look like a real military spaceship but its grounded in the real science of today. Theres no warp drive, gravity generators or force fields. Instead the spaceship provides artificial gravity by spinning on it axis and the weapon systems are developments of current technology. Even its nuclear engines ain’t too much of a stretch of what is possible.

About the only thing I’m doubtful about is having the USAF fly it. The Air Force are the right people to operate orbital vehicles and installations but deep space operation involve mission time of months or even years. The only military organization set up for those type of operations is the Navy.

You can see more of his artwork and learn more about the Cerberus here . Also if you haven’t visited the Atomic Rockets website do yourself a favor and do so, its a gold mine of information. Theres lots of other great artwork on the site but I take of my hat to the amazing Adam Burch.


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