The Western Lines

December 25, 2007

An Explorer’s Christmas

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bow of kayak under water

The Crossing the Ditch team are still out in the Tasman Sea. They had expected to be in New Zealand by now but bad weather slowed them down, at one stage the wind and currents was pushing them back to Australia. On Tuesday (18/12/2007) they spent a harrowing night in their survival suits, a rope had tangled in the rudder but they could not go out in the bad weather and free it. Thankfully in the morning they found the boat was not damaged. They are now back on track but still have over 600 km to paddle.

A few minutes ago James Castrission and Justin Jones sent the following report:

Tuesday 25 December (Evening Sked – Day 43)

Human Indicators
Physical: JC6, JJ6.
(Physical Condition Score out of 10)
Mental: JC7, JJ6+ (Mental
Score out of 10)
Fatigue Factor: JC4, JJ4 (Fatigue Factor, 0 =
Empty, 10 =
Fully Charged)

Lot 41 Indicators
Batteries: Fore 12.8 and Aft
12.5. Bilge Cockpit 2 still down and a
“pain in the arse”

Weather Summary
SSW10-15 then 25
and at times
30knots. Now about 15-25 and more from SW. Waves 2-3m building
to 4-5m.

Activity Summary
7:15am start through to
Desal 2.5hrs and during that time Cas ate some km up paddling by
Paddling on 90 through to 110 on average.

Hungry for Christmas Dinner

Sometimes its tough being an explorer.


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