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January 3, 2008

Childhood’s End (From BBC Audio)

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Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clarke is about humanity’s transformation and integration to an interstellar hive mind, the Occult, man’s inability to live in a utopian society, cruelty to animals, and the idea of being “The Last Man on Earth”.
The 1953 edition of the story begins when enormous alien spaceships one day appear above all of the Earth’s major cities. The aliens, who become known as the Overlords, quickly communicate by radio, announcing benign intention and desire to help mankind. They quickly end the arms race and colonialism. They also arrange personal, though not face-to-face, meetings between Secretary General of the United Nations Rikki Stormgren and Karellen, the Overlord leader, albeit via two-way mirror, so that the earthman cannot see the extraterrestrial alien. Karellen has a special relationship with Stormgren, though short of traditional friendship. The Overlords promise to reveal themselves in fifty years, after which time mankind will have lost their prejudice, becoming comfortable with their presence.

The BBC produced a two-hour radio dramatisation of the novel, which was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in November 1997. I have recently become the proud owner of this Audio production which is currently avialible for sale from Amazon books in the UK.


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