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July 26, 2008

Electric Mitsubishi coming to Australia

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Heres some good news to anyone wanting a real alternative to petrol cars. Mitsubishi have confirmed they will release their electric i MiEV to Australia next year. It a real plug -in electric vehicle not a stupid hybrid too.

AUSTRALIA will have its first plug-in electric car by the end of next year.

The baby Mitsubishi i MiEV has been confirmed for local sales, with a showroom target in the final months of 2009 and a starting price in the $30,000 range.

The company plans to skip the hybrid phase of future car development and go straight to a plug-in, with a claimed top speed of 180km/h and a range of 200km.

“Mitsubishi don’t make hybrid cars. They make electric cars. And we will have one here as soon as we possibly can,” says the managing director of Mitsubishi Motors Australia, Rob McEniry.

Some reservations: How long will the batteries last? How much will they cost to replace? At $30,000 its expensive for a small car but hopefully it will get reasonable sales. I will add that my proposal to rebate GST for alternative fuel vehicles would knock of $2700 from the price.

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