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August 5, 2008

Immigration and Rudd

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Paul Sheehan writes on the government’s immigration plans:

Did you know the Rudd Government is implementing the biggest immigration program since the end of World War II, and the biggest intake, in absolute numbers of permanent immigrants and temporary workers, in Australia’s history?

Did you know the migration program for 2008-09 has set a target of 190,300 places, a robust 20 per cent increase over the financial year just ended?

On budget night, May 13, amid the avalanche of material released by the Government, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, issued a press release stating, among other things: “The use of 457 visas to employ temporary skilled migrant workers has grown rapidly in recent years. A total of 39,500 subclass 457 visas was granted in 2003-04 compared with an expected 100,000 places in each of 2007-08 and 2008-09.” That is a 150 per cent increase in four years……

Well I didn’t know but do now. I’m a supporter of a strong immigration policy, we need people to properly develop the nation , increasing the wealth for all. However its important to maintain quality control and insure immigrants understand they are expected to integrate into the wider community. If anything citizenship requirements should be tightened.

However what really concerns me is the government’s general silence about their plans. They certainly haven’t taken the Australian people in their confidence. Perhaps Rudd and Co think we are all a bunch of racists who don’t have the broadminded wisdom of Labor politicians. I don’t think this is a very good idea, Australian’s don’t like being kept in the dark on important issues. Any problem with one of the groups will bring out the racist. Don’t be surprised if the Hansonites come back again.


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