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September 29, 2009

Stories from the Stone Age

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Stories From The Stone Age is a three-part documentary that attempts to explain why and how humans abandoned the nomadic hunting and gathering existence they had known for millennia to take up a completely new way of life – the decisive move to farming.

The series utilises detailed re-enactments and short interviews with key archaeological experts. The series asks some intriguing questions. Why did some of our ancestors never become farmers at all? Why do some still continue hunting and gathering despite their contact with farming people and advanced technologies? How and why did our paths become uniquely shaped after emerging as a species from a single genetic family in Africa?

Stories from the Stone Age – Ep 1: Daily Bread

A fascinating journey throughout the Ages of Man – from primitive hunter to urban man. In episode one Daily Bread we examine the changes in people from hunter-gatherers to farmers in the Middle East. One of the Greatest Developments of the Neolithic Revolution, the discovery of agriculture and the cultivation of grains.
The Middle East has always produced some of the most fascinating cultures within its history and none so more than the Natufians. The Natufians emerged in the Late Epipaleolithic, generally dated around 12,000 – 9600 BCE and have been one of the most researched cultures in the Levant.

The culture was first identified by Dorothy Garrod (1892 – 1968) in 1928 when she excavated the cave site of Shuqbah in the dry valley called Wadi en-Natuf in the Mount Carmel hills of northern modern day Israel.

Stories from the Stone Age – Ep 2 Urban Dream

In episode two, Urban Dream we look at the development of urban living in the Middle East and the move to farming in Europe.

Shows the early Europeans 12,000 years ago, living a hard life in nomadic bands. For hundreds of generations they had followed the wild herds, depending on them for survival. But they were about to face a new challenge. This series is about one of the most exciting periods of Human History – The Dawn of civilization.

Stories from the Stone Age – Ep 3: Waves of Change

In this final episode we look at the development of trade in the Middle East and its impacts in Europe throughout the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age.


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