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October 22, 2009

Hazem El Masri Liberal for Lakemba?

Filed under: liberals — ralphbuttigieg @ 9:42 pm
Gosh gully gumdrops. Talk about finding top candidates. According to todays’ Telegraph football star Hazem El Masri has been approached by Barry O’Farrell and the NSW Liberals to stand as their candidate in the Lakemba:

El Masri has been approached by the Liberal Party to run in the Lakemba electorate vacated by former premier Morris Iemma for the 2011 NSW election. It follows the activation of the secret committee to be headed by Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell to take charge of the Liberal Party’s election campaign strategy, campaign finance and give the parliamentary leader unprecedented power over choosing candidates.

El Masri , a devout Muslim and family man, is a local hero and has done good things in the community.  Lakemba is the Labor Party’s safest seat, Iemma  held it with  a 34% majority but after the by election the libs got it down to 24.5%.  Taking it from Labor would be the equivalent of climbing Everest but if anyone could do it it would be El Masri.
I hope he does stand, because win or lose it would knock down the stupid belief that the Liberals are an Anglo only party. The Liberals are a mainstream party who draw their talent from the great mainstream of Australian life.

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