The Western Lines

November 12, 2009

The Universe – Ten Ways to Destroy the Earth

Today on Discovery Enterprise in anticipation of this Friday’s release of the disaster film 2012 we are going to explore ten possible ways to destroy our home world – the Earth.

In this episode of the History Channel’s awe inspiring television series – The Universe, our experts cook up ten ways you could destroy the earth worthy of the upcoming Hollywood disaster flick 2012. Everything from: swallowing it with a microscopic black hole; blowing it up with anti-matter; hurling it into the Sun, and switching off gravity.

This is a fun way to explore the dangerous physics of the Universe and the properties of the planet we call home. So today we explore the ten possible scenarios scientists have dreamed up and that may be coming to a theatre near you with the next disaster flick depicting End Day whatever the date of the year maybe.

The Universe – Ten Ways to Destroy the Earth


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