The Western Lines

December 4, 2009

Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe

Today on Discovery Enterprise we explore the life and work of perhaps the most famous scientist in the world next to Albert Einstein – Stephen Hawking with a double video offering.

Our first video feature for today is a television drama entitled “Hawking: The Search for the Beginning of Time”. It is 1963, and a young cosmologist celebrates his 21st birthday with a party at his home in St Albans. Shortly after Hawking is Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and the next two years are to be tumultuous, frightening and victorious but as the party begins he has little idea of what is in store for him. Although some scenes and dialogue have been invented, this film is based on actual events, scientific papers and public records.

The second video offering for today is a documentary entitled “Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe”. This excellent documentary from Britain’s Channel 4 does is excellent attempt to convey the basics of quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity in an understandable manner.

Both provide an intimate portrait of Stephen Hawking’s extraordinary life, mission and character.

Hawking: The Search for the Beginning of Time

Stephen Hawking: Master of the Universe


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  1. God is the reason we are here.

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