The Western Lines

December 30, 2009

Rockets Into To Space-The Edge of Space

Today on Discovery Enterprise we honour the space visionary Robert H. Goddard. He has been called the father of modern rocketry. In 1926 he successfully lunch the first liquid fuel rocket. He was convinced with such a vehicle man would be able to fly into outer space. Working alone Goddard continued his experiments in New Mexico. His rockets became bigger and flew higher. He was a true visionary of space travel. But at the same time scientist in Nazi Germany were building a rocket that was far superior then any of Goddards design. However it wasnt a tool of space exploration but of destruction. The V2 missile, Hitlers vengeance weapon. Some 3,000 V2s would be launch against cities in Europe and Britain in WW II. The dream of space travel had become a nightmare.

Rockets Into To Space-The Edge of Space


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