The Western Lines

July 25, 2010

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – "Heaven and Hell"

Today on Discovery Enterprise we present the fourth episode of Carl Sagan’s landmark television series Cosmos: “Heaven and Hell”. In fact, of all the thirteen episodes this has to rank as one of my most favourite . It was from this episode that I first learned about the eyewitness account of a lunar impact seen by Canterbury monks on June 18, 1178 which some researchers believe resulted in the formation of crater Giordano Bruno. This event was recorded in the chronicle of Gervase. Another topic covered in this episode was the Tunguska explosion of June 30, 1908. Some researches such as Bill Napier and Victor Clube have linked these two events together as being a by-product of the Beta Taurid meteor shower; both events coincided with a peak in that shower.

Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – “Heaven and Hell”

Siberian Apocalypse

Some researchers have linked the Beta Taurid meteor shower to the collapse of late Bronze Age civilizations and some feel that lurking in its wake are more potential disasters to come. Imagine a Tunguska sized fireball exploding over New York City. The video segment below outlines just such a scenario very vividly.


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