The Western Lines

August 16, 2010

How to Explore the Universe in Style

Will such futuristic technologies as depicted in our favourite science fiction television shows ever become a real possibility?

Today on Discovery Enterprise we join physicist Michio Kaku as he designs and unveils his plan for a way to explore the universe in style.

The key to its design is that staple of any great space adventure series – the warp drive. As any Star Trek fan knows the warp drive is the common name for various types of faster-than-light spacecraft propulsion systems, both fictional and hypothetical.

Will true Sci Fi fans be pleased with what Dr. Michio Kaku comes up with?

Sci Fi Science – How to Explore the Universe

November 21, 2009

The Universe – "Science Fiction, Science Fact"

Today on Discovery Enterprise we explore the very limits of science and the possible. Many of the technologies we take for granted today, such as space travel, transcontinental passenger aircraft, submarines and almost instantaneous global communication, once existed in the realm of speculative fiction. How many of the technologies which exist only in the realm of our best loved Sci-Fi television series will eventually become the reality of tomorrow?

The world of tomorrow is quickly becoming the futuristic world of today. While you may not be “beaming” to your next appointment, researchers are preparing for the first tests of a transporter. And while scientists have long mocked Hollywood’s visions of warp speed a new generation of physicists continue to rewrite the fundamental rules of the universe. Is there a way around the cosmic speed limit – the speed of light?

The Universe -Science Fiction Science Fact